Vibrant Harvest

Wed, Jan 31, 24

'The connection between harvest and production'

This week: how we ensure that production, harvest and processing are aligned. We look at the wishes of the farmer, grower and maker and investigate collaborations.

We invite farmers, makers, citizens and policymakers to take their role and put on the table what it takes to turn Food Station into a production location.

Roze Bunker presents the 'wild iced tea' project and Boonzaak lets Tempeh taste during lunch. Then we dive into production!


A program at Food Station in which we show what is possible in creating a new food system. We show that it is possible because we believe that doing is the fastest way to change.

An afternoon every week in January and February in which we inspire, learn and create. We bring citizens, farmers, growers and entrepreneurs together and make the connection with food production at Food Station. This is how we create the factory together without a boss.

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Vibrant Harvest