Come work with us on a logical food chain! Does your company align with our mission? Then let us know what you would need to produce at Food Station, or make an appointment to take a look in the kitchen. You can find our subscriptions here.


€450 per month
- production space 2 days per month/4 half days - access to network/community events.
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€610 p/m
- 4 days a month production space - access to network/community events.
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€790 per month
- Production space 8 days a month - access to network/community events.
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Our facilities help you during all steps of the production process


At our office, people from the entire food chain meet each other and that creates change. Do you want to be here to learn, collaborate or improve your sales? Or are you simply looking for a meeting room? Everything is possible! . There are 2 meeting rooms and 20 flexible workplaces. Each company also receives a compact storage space at the office. There is also coffee from Bakkie Bruis, Degrow kombucha and syrups from Roze Bunker on tap.

Production location

The production location in the factory is the heart of Food Station. It is a dynamic place with various facilities for producing drinks and food. Here you can do everything from cooking to filling, labeling to turning caps, from small scale-up to 2000 units in one day: it all happens here. If you have additional wishes, we can help realize them together and perhaps with other makers.


There are several options for storage in Food Station. There is space for storage on pallets, there are shelves for crates and there is a cold or freezer room. This storage space is purchased in consultation at an additional cost. We have a strong network in the area for large quantities or long-term storage. For more information, please contact the floor manager