Our mission

Food Station wants to show what is possible in creating a new food system. We show that it is possible because we believe that doing is the fastest way to change! The aim of the place is to remove existing barriers for small innovative food companies so that they can grow and learn from each other. In this way we help create new food chains that are sustainable, local and circular.

Who are we?

Food station is a factory without a boss. It is an initiative in which the forces of food makers are bundled and the entire chain is connected. In the middle of fruit production in the Betuwe, in the center of the country, Culemborg is the perfect place for Food Station. Here all food parties touch each other. Residues and local ingredients come in here and are processed into full-fledged products until the last residual flow has been used. In this way, we redesign the food chain in a circular manner from grower to consumer with every player in the chain. This is where the network comes together from the grower, production, sales and distribution.

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